Hi all,

Ed here, and I’m up late as usual. Just wanted to welcome you to my website. I hacked this together since having a website probably more important than a business card nowadays. In fact, maybe even better? I guess with a business card you have to physically hand it to a person, but people can just check you out online. Internet… who knew, huh?

Anyways, I’m also putting up this blog section. I’ve toyed around with the idea of making a Youtube channel. I dig what a lot of people do with Youtube channels, Adam Neely, Ben Levin to name a few, but I feel like I don’t have the personality or patience to talk into a camera. However, I like writing casually, as bad as I am at it. So I figured I’d post musings about random stuff on music (or maybe even not music).

The thing is I do think adapting to all mediums is important. 2017 to me means people don’t like reading. So along with TLDRs, I’ll try to accompany blog posts with video clips, audio clips, and images that’ll demonstrate my ideas. I plan on using this blog pretty frequently and will add things that I’ve written during my school time, starting with one of my final analysis papers for my last class for my masters (more on that later). But I do also plan on starting a few post series, and I do have some ideas already, but I won’t speak on that just in case I don’t follow through.

I’ll leave comments open for the most part, and I’ll check this often. Feel free to join me in discussion or troll me, whatever.

That’s that.

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